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In Albania for dental treatment

Aggiornamento: 17 nov 2022

Find out more about both our clinic and dentists in Durres.

Dential is a clinic in Durres, a city on the seaside in Albania. Many people every year come to our clinic from all over the Europe, the Italians are the majority, nevertheless we see a growing demands from people from Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. The main reason for visiting Albania, remains the tourism, the country offers a lot in that field, often tourists decide to spend their holiday time for both reason: tourism and dental treament. Being in Albania as tourists is very important for those who want to save money in dental care services, they often can stay in hotel for almost for free. Our clinic pays the accomodation for our patients in relation to the kind of dental treatment. Dential performs a large variety of treatment, teeth reconstruction, filling, zirconia crowns, veneers, dental implants and solutions such as All on 4 and All on 6.

How much do our services cost? Send us your dental x-ray and our dentists will check it, after 1 or 2 days you will receive our quote. To arrive in Albania, is today cheap thanks to many low cost companies flying to Tirana taking off from the main european capitals.

A lot of flights come every day from Italy, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Tourin, Verona and many other cities are well connected to Tirana. Wizzair, Ita airways, Volotea, Air Albania and Albawings are the main companies for flying to Albania from the italian airports. Once in Albania, you will also see airplanes of Lufthansa, Klm, Iberia, Air France and British Airways. Many patients, especially italians, arrive in Albania for dental care by ferry. Italy and Albania are well connected by sea, Bari is an italian city connected to Durres, so the southern italians have another choice besides only the airplane. Once in Albania for dental treatment, our patients very often spend time as tourists, some time visiting both the mountain and the seaside. Joining tourism and dental treatment, is often called as “dental tourism”, nobody knows who has invented this term, but for sure it works a lot. Every year more than 50.000 foreign people visit Albania for the dental tourism, before the Covid period tourism was booing in Albania, the local government expects a phenomenal 2022 and 2023 for tourism.

Visiting Albania for dental care is becoming popular in Europe, dentists in Albania speak english and french almost everywhere, so once you will be in our clinic you will talk italian, english or france without any needs of translators.

On the website of Dential you cas see better what we do, who our dentists are and above all the material we will use to solve your dental problems. Our dental clinic in Albania, will take care of you and your family since you landing at the Tirana airport, which is only 25 km from Durres, and we will take you back once dental treatment will be ended.

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